♥ Orders for July’s Box End  July 18th ♥



Pick your plan
Right now you can pick to be billed in 1, 3 months or 6 months subscriptions to The CuteBox! Plans start at $18/mo, and are cheaper for longer plans.


Wait for it…
On the 21st (unless it’s a Sunday) of each month, your shipment of cuteness will be on its way to you!


Once your box arrives, enjoy your shipment of cuteness.  Your CuteBox is sure to delight you each month!


You can know order a single box to get in on the cuteness without the commitment!

Just click the image below to buy a single box. Or click the link in the menu above that says “Single Box”


Notice: As this is a subscription service, you’ll be billed depending on the term you sign up for. You can pick to be billed monthly, once every 3 months or once every 6 months. However please realize that you’ll be billed again for future boxes unless you cancel. Which you can easily do at any time. 🙂 If you sign up for a 3 month term, pay for it once, and don’t want anymore past that. You can cancel any time before your next payment date and you wont get billed anymore but will still receive 3 boxes total.


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