April Shipping Delay

Hello Everyone!

Sadly, we have to declare a shipping delay, as one of our packages has disappeared in California and replacements after we gave up waiting (we’re still waiting to figure out why. USPS and Japan Post can be slow..) are also being a little slow too.

We had a shipment delay in March too. Which is frustrating too. This month we ordered things two weeks earlier than normal to try and prevent any delays, only for one important package to disappear and another to show up late.

We are working hard to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future, sadly something is going on down in California that is delaying packages. They’re not getting stuck in customs, they clear customs and one just stopped updating. The other spent days not moving, and ended up clear across the country from us. We don’t even know why something would go from California to New York before getting to Idaho. It’s not something we’ve experienced before in the year and few months we’ve been doing The CuteBox.

We appreciate all your patience, and as soon as the last items get here we will be getting them in boxes, taping up boxes, getting labels printed and rushing down to the post office! Being late is never ever our goal, and it’s caused considerable stress both times it has happened. Even though last time was only a day or two, this time is worse and it’s to us, not acceptable to have happen.

We’ll be looking into a new company to  handle our Japanese transactions though, in hopes that this stops happening in the future.

Thank you so much for being a part of the CuteBox family. ♥


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