Yes, we work with reviewers! ♥

Bloggers and high influence social media users as well!

We are looking for bloggers and video reviewers to review The CuteBox!

You can be added to our list of potential bloggers/reviewers by filling out the Application Form.

At this time we will pick five bloggers/reviewers to receive a complimentary The CuteBox shipment. This number may increase as we grow as a company. 🙂

Influence minimums:

Instagram: 1000 Followers

Bloggers: 1500UMV

YouTubers: 500 Subscribers

When reviewing your CuteBox please create an original and informative video, picture, social share or post that clearly shows The CuteBox’s items. One link (no-follow please) to The CuteBox’s  site. As I know how life can be, please try and get your review/video/pictures up within 20 days of receiving the box, and do try and remember to send a link (or links.) We’d greatly appreciate it! If you wont be able to get your review up within 20 days or receiving, please do let us know. We know things can happen but just ask that you give us a heads up is all. 🙂

We would also love if you’d be willing to share your video, pictures or post to your social media accounts. The CuteBox is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and we would love to share  your reviews and social media shares. :3

Please note that at this time, The CuteBox is only available to US residents. Our plan is to expand at least into Canadian shipments before the end of summer 2016.