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December 2016 Fan Art Contest Entries

For our 1 year anniversary (wow!) we decided to hold a quick little fan art contest!

The goal was fan art of our mascot Emiko enjoying something to do with winter/holidays.

The prizes were:

1st place – 3 (three) month subscription to The CuteBox
2nd place – 2 (two) month subscription to The CuteBox
3rd place – 1 (one) month subscription to The CuteBox
2 Runners Up – 1 (one) Surprise Box (a box of 14-16 past items, random assortment.)
1 – 3rd Runner  Up – 1 (one) Mini Surprise Box ( 10-12 past items, random assortment.)

Okay! now it’s time to get on to the art!

1st PLACE – December ’16, January ’17 and February ’17 boxes

Art By : Teacup

2nd PLACE – December ’16 and January ’17 Boxes

Art By: Avi R.

3rd PLACE – December ’16 Box

Art By: Michael C 

1st Runner Up – Surprise Box

Art By: Olivia

2nd Runner Up – Surprise Box

Art By: Sakura Harano

3rd Runner Up – Mini Surprise Box 


Late Entry – Mini Box

Art By: Kat Sweaterz

November 2016


The cold weather is upon us, and were looking forward to the holidays the closer they get. Are you? For November’s CuteBox we have 10 fantastic items for you to enjoy.


1.) Heart – Oekaki DIY Chocolate Candy – Heart again with another chocolate DIY candy kit! This time you make suckers and can make cute pictures with the included candy beads. Yummy and cute!
2.) Konpeito – A hard sugar candy shaped like little bumpy balls. These are a classic Japanese candy that my oldest daughter super loves!

3.) Hello Kitty Games & Activities Pad – This kawaii Hello Kitty kit comes with a special spot to hold the included crayons. Providing cuteness and fun.
4.) Little Cards (assorted) x2 – Two little cards of various type. We hope these will help you with your gift giving this upcoming holiday season! Or you can keep them for yourself since they’re so cute. :3


5.) Iwako Kimono Gel Stickers (scented) – 
Fancy Japanese stickers designed as Kimonos and various accessories.
6.) Kokeshi Doll Lip Balm (variety) – Kawaii lip balm that looks like a girl in kimono!
7.) Mini Collecting Box – What will you store in this little four compartment box? Medicine? Earrings? Small hard candies? Something else? We’d like to know!
8.) Rilakkuma or Korilakkuma Key Cover – Kawaii Rilakumma or Korilakumma key covers will help your keys be less boring, plus, you’ll know exactly what your keys are for when they’re different and cute!
november59.) Dolphin Plush (varied colors) – Adorable little dolphin plush with a chain, suction cup and decorated with an adorable flower!

10.) Little Twin Stars Socks – These adorable socks feature the Little Twin Stars! Kiki and Lala! Direct from Sanrio Japan, they’ll add some cuteness to your wardrobe

We hope you enjoyed November’s CuteBox!

June 2016 CuteBox


Happy June! This month we have a special Hello Kitty treat!

Our items this month are:

  • Hello Kitty Bobble Head Toy – With Candy!
  • Korean DIY Nail Kit
  • Cute Patterned Envelope Set
  • Iwako Gel Stickers – Giraffe
  • Chick Coin Pouch
  • Bunny Head Plush Backpack/Purse strap.
  • Cute 8 piece erasers. Four different styles – Frog, Pig, Bunny or Panda. (Frog pictured)
  • Cute Korean book marks. One of a few different styles (bears in bus shown in image above)
  • Moomin styled masking/decoration tape.
  • Pon De Ring Donut Squishy.



May 2016 CuteBox


Happy May! This months box is a fair bit Rilakkuma heavy. This month we have two Japanese treats for you as well!

Items this month are:

  • Fold-up Stationery Box (comes flat, but very easy to push into the box shape.)
  • Rilakkuma Bandages
  • Four Rilakkuma card style stickers. They’re thicker like a credit card, but are still stickers! :3
  • Rilakkuma Multi-colored Pen
  • Star and gem bracelet
  • Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma bells – phone/key chain straps.
  • Sticker Gems to decorate something and make it shiny!
  • Bunny key top cover. Never forget which of those random silver keys is your house door when you put this cute bunny on the key!
  • Neru Neru Nerune DIY – Cider Flavor
  • Jyu-C Strawberry Shortcake Candy.

Neru Neru Nerune – is a little DIY kit that makes a special cream (cider flavored for this one) that you then use the spoon and dip it into the candy pieces and enjoy. The instructions on the packaging are in Japanese but are easy to follow with the included pictures. You only need one scoop full of water for this.

You can also watch this video to help you out. :3


This month, we celebrated my 3rd daughters 10th birthday! So one of the treats is a festive looking Strawberry Shortcake Candy. The package even shows candles on the cake. :3 They’re little candy tablets that have a lovely sweet and milky flavor that melts quickly. It’s a little like (American) Smarties, but with a unique Strawberry Shortcake flavor!

February 2016 CuteBox



February 2016’s CuteBox featured the following items:

  • Hello Kitty Stickers
  • Antique Style Dessert Spoon
  • Cherry Blossom Style Coasters
  • 7 Color Emoji Pencil
  • Brocade Coin Pouch
  • Bunny Plush (one of two styles)
  • Strawberry or Cider Maruta Nericcho Soft Cider Ice Cream – DIY candy
  • Heart Necklace – White, Black or Red
  • Heart Bracelet to match the necklace.
  • Mini fascinator hat.

This box featured our first Japanese candy treat. :3


April 2016's CuteBox

It seems that doing a post for the months items works over well. So we’ve decided to keep doing this to save paper and help the environment. ^_^


This month the top of The CuteBox is decorated with Rilakkuma stickers left over from January 2016’s boxes! So cute. 🙂

This is our 4th CuteBox!


This month’s items are:

  • Totoro Pencil Pouch
  • Totoro Pen
  • Handmade Totoro Plush
  • 2 – Rilakkuma Sticky Note Pads
  • 4 – Eiwa Hello Kitty Marshmallows with Chocolate Filling
  • Lotte – Choco Pie
  • Sticker Sheet – Either Owls or Giraffe
  • 4 – Decorative Tapes
  • Hand Mirror
  • Owl Pencil Sharpener
  • Hello Kitty Candy/Ice mold.

This month we took a break from something you could wear. Don’t worry, we’ll be back with that soon. 🙂

My 2 1/2 year old loves the Eiwa Hello Kitty Mashmallows with the Matcha (green tea) filling and these chocolate ones. So in honor of her we included some this month. She was so thrilled with that “It’s kitty Marshamallow!”  This month, she helped with the box by handing my labels as they got out of the printer and by handing me packets of stickers to decorate the tops of boxes with. It’s one of her favorite things to do.

Lotte Choco Pies are deliciously soft, and the chocolate isn’t too overbearing. They’re a favorite here at our house.

The Hello Kitty Candy/Ice mold (the pink thing at the bottom of the picture) was highly requested after showing it on Instagram. So here it is! ^_^

As it’s starting to warm up, I wont be able to safely send out anything that’s easily meltable, so for the spring, summer and part of the fall all treats will be DIY kits or candy that wont have problems with the heat. ^_^


Thank you so much for being a part of The CuteBox! We look forward to next month and sending more cuteness your way! ♥

March 2016's CuteBox

This month, we’re starting to put information on box contents online. This will reduce waste by using less paper.


Our 3rd ever CuteBox!

The month’s items are:

  • Mini letter set
  • Pocky inspired pen
  • Panda sleep/eye mask
  • Plush kitty ears. In either black, white, pink or grey.
  • Japanese Fruit Flavored Sushi gummy. The rice part is Banana with either lemon or peach flavored sushi topping pieces!
  • Four pieces of Hi-chew.
  • A pair of cute kitty earrings. The kitty is wearing a bow-tie that has a gem in the center.
  • A pair of cute “candy piece” hairbands.
  • Glitter bottle necklace (in the picture it’s next to a piece of Hi-Chew.) To carry around a little cuteness and magic. Like pixie/fairy dust!
  • Gyoza/Dumpling person plush.
  • Flower pencil pouch with lace detail.
  • Package of Page/”One Point” markers.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s CuteBox. :3