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June 2017

June’s CuteBox featured fun kitty items, fun food inspired items, and super cute Pokemon water toys!

♥ Our DIY candy this month was Kracie Poppin Cookin’s Fun Time Ramen!

Where you made yummy gyoza (dumplings), egg and naruto (the spiral piece that goes in the ramen) and fun ramen candy! Everything is candy flavored, even if they look like they could be normal food flavored.

♥ From there we had a cute fruit shaped erasers on a stick, they look like fun fruit lolly pops, but please don’t eat them.

♥ Pocky is a classic Japanese treat that there are so many fun varieties of. We had a fun decorative Pocky style pen this month!

♥ A cute phone/3DS/backpack strap was shaped like a sweet little dessert this month.

♥ Our second candy came in a small bottle that looks like the classic Ramune bottle! The candy inside is meant to taste like original flavored Ramune.

♥ Kitty magnetic bookmarks can help you keep place in all your summer reading books. Well, two of them anyway..

♥ Most of the face pouches we sent out were kitties, but some people got dog ones. Which did you get?

♥ Kitty House-it, these kitty post-it notes come with a little box you put together and sit them in. As kitties say “if I fits, I sits!”

♥ Be stylish with a Harajuki style zipper bracelet. What is your favorite J-fashion style?

♥ Paperdoll Mate stickers from Korea showed us how adorable forest animals can be.

♥ Last bot not least is the fun Pokemon squirt toy! There were 4 Pokemon available, and each toy came with a small piece of cider flavored gum.


We hope you enjoyed June’s CuteBox as much as we did! We look forward to sending you all July’s box! ♥

May 2017

May’s CuteBox came with 10 super cute items. The box was super full of cuteness and treats! You can see a video of how to do the DIY kit at the bottom of the post.The CuteBox May 2017

We were excited to be able to bring another super cute Sumikko Gurashi item to the box this month. Let’s look at everything that came in The CuteBox for May 2017…
The CuteBox - May 2017

1.) Uchiwa Pen – This pen has a dual purpose, it’s shaped like a Japanese style fan called an Uchiwa! You can write with some cuteness, and also use it to keep you cool as the weather starts to get warmer. Whew! We’re up here in Northern Idaho but it’s already starting to get hot!

2.) USAGIRIBON Headband – Usagi is the Japanese word for Rabbit/Bunny, and the little bow situated on top of this headband is supposed to mimic bunny ears!The CuteBox - May 2017

3.) Iwako Eraser – Iwako erasers are able to be pulled into small pieces, but are fun to collect and great to use! These erasers use high quality Japanese rubber and work super well. I mostly just collect them though.

4.) Nebaaru-Kun Mascot – Nebaaru-kun is the unofficial mascot of the Japanese food natto. A fermented soybean dish that some love, but some hate. Have you ever tried it? Nebaaru-kun says “Neba Neba!”

5.) Hello Kitty Matcha & Gudetama White Chocolate Candies – These little candies are cutely designed to look like Hello Kitty (Matcha/Green Tea flavor) or Gudetama (white chocolate), do you have a favorite?

6.) Rilakkuma Stickers – There are 50 total stickers in this line, and each pack comes with 5 stickers. What stickers did you get?
The CuteBox - May 2017

♥ Kumamon!

7.) Tirol and Momon Stationery Set – Paper, envelopes and stickers! Take your letter writing to the next letter with this adorable letter set.

8.) Kumamon Wash Cloth – Wash yourself with cuteness with Kumamon – the mascot of the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan. He was created in 2010 to draw tourists to the area. I love his happy face and red cheeks!The CuteBox - May 2017

9.) Sumikko Gurashi Playset – There are 6 different rooms and figures available in this Sumikko Gurashi line, and they all connect to make an adorable house for the mascots to live. Each CuteBox contained one 1 of 6 possible rooms and figures. Which adorable Sumikko Gurashi character did you get?

10.) Parfait Neru Neru Nerune – This DIY kit is Neru Neru Nerune takin go the next level. Instead of fruit candy or sprinkles, you get a coated crispy topping, chocolate sauce and little wafers to enjoy this treat with. The kit only needs you to use a little bit of water and you’re ready to go!

If the instructions on the back of the package aren’t easy to follow for you, you can check out this video to help you through the process of creating a yummy treat!

Thank you so much for being part of the CuteBox family! We hope you enjoyed May’s box. ♥

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April 2017

Happy April! 

Spring has sprung and this months box was full of animal cuteness! One of my favorite parts of spring is watching the local wild animals come out of hiding. My favorites are rabbits and turkeys!

We had 12 items this month. Let’s see what they were!

  • Owl Plush (With Bunny Ears)  – Four colors were available of these adorable spring owl plush! Green, blue, purple and pink. Which did you get?

  • Dodotto Tsubupyon DIY Candy –  This is a fun little DIY candy with foamy candy, jelly dots made with the adorable squid/octopus dropper, and sprinkles! Boxes came with either Cider (blue) or Grape (pinkish) flavor.
  • Gudetama Sticker with Gum –  Mainly these came for the sake of the Gudetama sticker. He’s so cute, and many mornings we relate to his lazy ways. Did you like the included gum? Japanese gum tends to be different in texture than Western gum that we’ve tried.
  • Chocolate Umaibo – These corn puffed snacks come in all sorts of interesting flavors, including Teriyaki and Hamburger. But we didn’t want to weird anyone out too much, so we sent the simple chocolate coated version!

  • Bear Notebook – An adorable Bear themed notebook to fit in your purse, pocket or backpack. Great for jotting down notes, or doodling in when you’re bored.
  • Plush Bunny Pin – What will you attach this adorable bunny pin to? Your backpack? Purse? Jacket? Or maybe you have a special little place just for adorable pins?
  • Cat Pencil Sharperner – These sharpers came in a variety of colors and each has two holes for sharpening various sizes of pencils.
  • Colored Pencil Lip Balm – The cold winter weather can cause skin problems and dry lips, as you work into springing anew with the plants and animals, take care of yourself too with this fun lip balm. ♥
  • Animal Face Sticky Notes – These adorable pads have colored sticky notes inside.
  • Animal Ruler – Rulers seem to like to disappear from me, and often when ordering things from overseas it’s really nice to have a simple little ruler that uses centimeters solely!
  • Rilakkuma Pen – The most relaxed bear ever. Whew! We love Rilakkuma.
  • Spring Envelopes – Notes are so much more fun to get in pretty envelopes don’t you think? Do you have any penpals? I like to make penpals with people in different countries as it helps me learn about the world in a more personal way.

Thank you so much for all your patience while we experienced shipping delays with Customs in California again as well as a package going missing. We will continue to work hard to not let lateness happen, but unfortunately some things our out of our control. We’ll do everything we can to try and anticipate things like this better in the future.


March 2017

Thank you all so much for your patience and I apologize again for the 2 day delay in getting March’s CuteBox shipped. We’re working hard to make sure this never ever happens again. We’ve done the box for 15 months now, and this is a first for us.

This month we had 12 super kawaii items! Including our start of monthly DIY candy in the box. :3

  • Maruta Nericcho Soft Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Maruta Nericcho Soft Cider Ice Cream

These two little DIY candy kits are fun and easy! Just add 10cc of water to the included plastic container, add in the candy package (please set the cones aside) and mix them together! You’ll get a fun Cider/Soda or Strawberry foam that you then put into the cones and enjoy! They’re a silly tangy little foam and a great intro to DIY candy.

  • Nyanpire Character Mini Plush – These cute little characters from the comic/show Nyanpire are a little bit adorable, and a little bit spooky. Maybe? What do you think of these cuties?
  • Goma-chan Gachapon Egg – From the anime Shonen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan comes these adorable plastic egg gachapon that include a little Goma-chan (that’s the cute little white seal) strap!
  • Shiny Pikanyan – These little squishy kitties will flash lights when you press the button in the back of their head. If flashing lights aren’t your thing, that’s okay, they’re cute just on their own sitting on a shelf with your other adorable figures. These little kitties float in water too!

  • Hello Kitty Coloring Set –  A mini dessert themed Hello Kitty coloring book with a 5 piece color pencil set.
  • Sumikko Gurashi Card with Stickers – Sumikko Gurashi came again to The CuteBox! These adorable shy “things in the corner” have brought you a little card, a sheet of stickers, and a piece of gum!
  • Kawaii Fashion Bracelet – An Adorable beaded bracelet from Japan. Assorted ones were sent, which did you get?
  • Fruit Erasers – Presented in an adorable package that looks like a jam jar, various fruits were sent! Pictured above are blueberries!
  • Disney Tsum Tsum Mirror – Our first ever Tsum Tsum item! This adorable little mirror will make a kawaii addition to your purse or backpack.
  • Sumikko Gurashi Finger Puppet Figure with Display Box – Now you have your own little Sumikko Gurashi figure to sit on your shelf! Follow the instructions to fold the little included box and let your sweet corner thing kawaii-ify your shelf.
  • Gudetama magenet – Sanrio’s lazy egg is back again in an adorable little magnet to add some kawaii to your kitchen.


Thank you so much for being a part of The CuteBox family!

February 2017’s box

Can you believe February is almost over? This year is just flying by so far!

This month the box included 10 kawaii items from Japan.

1.) DIY Bead Kit – Make an adorable bracelet with this kawaii bead kit. Apples, Stars, or Hearts are the big bead options that came with the kits. Which one did you get?

2.) Pokemon Soft Magnets – Kawaiiness for your fridge! These Pokemon Sun & Moon soft magnets can lock together or just be alone. Which Pokemon did you catch? Do you have a favorite Pokemon?

3.) Sumikko Gurashi Card Holder – Sumikko Gurashi are “things in the corner” made to represent how shy the Japanese people are. These adorable Sanrio characters each have their own personality and reason for hiding in the corner. These adorable card holders are great for library passes, school/work ID’s, bus passes, etc. What will you use yours on? Each box also includes a small piece of gum. 

4.) Doraemon Round Pouchette – This adorable little pouchette features Doraemon and his younger sister Dorami!  Doraemon is a classic manga and anime series dating back to 1969! The first anime aired in 1973.

5.) Kumamon Notebook w/ Pencil – Kumamon is the mascot of the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan. He was created in 2010 to draw tourists to the region and became nationally popular! Kumamon also made a small cameo in the Yo-Kai Watch 2 video game and Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie!

6.) Hello Kitty Year of the Rooster Mechanical Pencil (0.5) –  2017 is the Chinese Zodiac year of the Rooster! So Hello Kitty is celebrating with a golden Rooster. We love the adorable pin color, plus the festive outfit Hello Kitty is wearing.

7.) Sumikko Gurashi Stickers – Each pack of these adorable shy corner friends stickers came with 5 different stickers. There were a total of 50 different designs that you could have gotten. :3 Which kawaii Sumikko Gurashi stickers did you end up with? Which is your favorite?

8.) Sanrio Character Whistle/Flute with Ramune Candy – These adorable Sanrio Character flues feature either Hello Kitty (pink), Shinkansen (blue) or  Sugarbunnies (purple) When you take them apart, there is a small packet of Ramune flavord pellet candy inside!
Shinkansen – is a team of energetic trains meant to look like a Japanese bullet train. They came out in the 1990’s.

9.) Kawaii Hair Bands – These adorable hair band sets came in kawaii shapes with a bit of sparkle! Take your twin-tails or braids to the next level. ♥

10.) Nail Art Stickers – These easy to use nail art stickers will add some fun to your nails! You apply them similar to how you do a temporary tattoo, and then seal with some clear nail polish.


Thank you so much for your continued love and support with The CuteBox! Just remember, March’s box will feature a DIY candy, as we’ll now be doing one every month! :3 Hello Kitty and Sumikko Gurashi will be making an appearing in next months box too. We’ll see you there!

January 2017’s Box

Our 13th box! We hit the one year mark and that’s awesome! We will continue to work towards making The CuteBox awesome!

One of our subscribers early on requested Moomin items. We had a Moomin item before, but kept the request in mind for future boxes. Hello Kitty is also highly requested. So she’ll make an appearance again next month!

Moomin’s got super popular in Japan in the 1990’s. The cartoon and plush are based on a Finnish comic!

1.) Moomin Hand Towel – A variety of cute Moomin designed hand towels bring some nostalgic cuteness this month.

2.) Moomin Die Cut Notebook –  Little notebooks sure beat writing on whatever piece of scrap paper you can find in your purse/pocket. The various Moomin characters graced these adorable notebooks.

Ramune is an iconic Japanese soda. Do you know it? It comes usually in glass bottles with a marble stopper than you press in using a plunger. These gummies from Kasugai are Ramune flavor, and like most Kasugai gummies have a bit of a twinge that could be considered an acquired taste. The little Rilakkuma Cafe gums are Ramune flavor as well. Which do you prefer?

3.) Rilakkuma Soda Gum Ramune flavored bubble gum with cute Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma wrappers.
+ Kasugai Ramune Gummy – Do you like Kasugai’s take on Ramune flavored candy? I love the blue color!

The packages on the chocolates are just so pretty! Don’t you think? These adorable chocolates are from the show Maho Girls PreCure. Part of the Pretty Cure (Princess Pretty Cure) franchise.

4.) Princess Pretty Cure Chocolates – Each box comes with five individually wrapped chocolates. You might get one crispy chocolate, which is shaped like a heart. The other designs include the magical girls, Mofurun the girls’ transformation device teddy bear, or other cute show related shapes.

5.) Bonjour Rilakkuma Metal Strap – Rilakkuma and friends took a trip to France with these adorable little metal straps! Which character do you love most?

Gudetama is a lazy egg that has been in the box a few times. He speaks to us on our lazy days, as he’s the lazy egg! He’s one of Sanrio’s newer characters. Have you heard the silly noise he makes?

6.) Gudetama Socks – Keep your toes warm with these adorable Gudetama socks.
7.) Gudetama Pen – We love cute pens, and just can’t get enough of this Gudetama one. I keep one in my purse for writing down shopping lists before I rush out the door to the store.

8.) Animal Number Erasers – These cute shaped erasers are animals, and numbers at the same time! What numbers do you see above? There are two sets that went out, even and odd numbers! As you can tell, the odd number set is above. ♥

9.) Alpaca and Sheep Stickers – A Kawaii mixed sticker set with Alpacas and Sheep! Oh, and some chicks too. ♥ The adorable little chicks are probably my favorite. :

10.) Kawaii Star +Pearly Bracelet (handmade) – We had these bracelets handmade for our subscribers this month after getting some cute ones for Christmas and falling in love. We hope you love the one that came your way too. ♥ We made sure they were sized to fit okay on adults too. 11.) Domo-kun Plush – Do you know who Domo-kun is? He’s the official mascot of Japan’s public broadcaster NHK. He appears in 30 second stop-motion sketches during shows. He’s popular not only in Japan, and actually have 5 video games in the Nintendo DSi shop! Go Domo!

We hope you enjoyed our 13th box, and look forward to another year of fantastic cuteness!

Don’t forget that starting March 2017’s box, we will have a DIY candy kit in every box!

December 2016 Fan Art Contest Entries

For our 1 year anniversary (wow!) we decided to hold a quick little fan art contest!

The goal was fan art of our mascot Emiko enjoying something to do with winter/holidays.

The prizes were:

1st place – 3 (three) month subscription to The CuteBox
2nd place – 2 (two) month subscription to The CuteBox
3rd place – 1 (one) month subscription to The CuteBox
2 Runners Up – 1 (one) Surprise Box (a box of 14-16 past items, random assortment.)
1 – 3rd Runner  Up – 1 (one) Mini Surprise Box ( 10-12 past items, random assortment.)

Okay! now it’s time to get on to the art!

1st PLACE – December ’16, January ’17 and February ’17 boxes

Art By : Teacup

2nd PLACE – December ’16 and January ’17 Boxes

Art By: Avi R.

3rd PLACE – December ’16 Box

Art By: Michael C 

1st Runner Up – Surprise Box

Art By: Olivia

2nd Runner Up – Surprise Box

Art By: Sakura Harano

3rd Runner Up – Mini Surprise Box 


Late Entry – Mini Box

Art By: Kat Sweaterz

October 2016 CuteBox


October’s CuteBox was meant to bring a bit of creepy, and a bit of kawaii (cute) to you! Halloween is a great time to enjoy both, or just one even. Are you more the pretty princess type, or the spooky type?


This month we had two candies, one is the DIY Kit –

Choco De Puzzle – from Japan! These came in puppy (pictured) or bunny. Make yourself a fun little chocolate treat to enjoy.

Halloween decorated Pocky pack! Either Strawberry or Chocolate, either way the cute Halloween package has us excited for Trick-or-Treating!


Wanna Be Princess Stickers – These super cute stickers from Korea were picked for October before we ever decided to have a theme. They still work though. How many people want to be, and dress up as Princesses on Halloween? 😉

GoGoe Girl Nail Art – A bigger nail art kit from Korea to help with your Princess Transformation. Super kawaii!

Three Animal Erasers – Another item picked from Korea before a theme was even an idea in our heads. Fun erasers are cute no matter what the time of year. They’re so much fun to collect too!


Halloween Origami Paper – Direct from Japan is some fun origami paper in Halloween theme.

Ghost Strap – Also from Japan are these cute little hard ghost straps in various colors. What did you get?


3D Bat Wall Stickers – Add a little spooky to your space with these 3D bat stickers! Just in time for Halloween.

Creepy Bone Pen – Different variety of pens perfect for this time of year. Skeletons are a Halloween decoration staple!

Devil Horn Hair Clips – Not a princess? That’s okay, you can show your inner little devil with these cute little clips. 5 different colors were sent. Which did you get?

Thank you all so much for enjoying our first Halloween CuteBox! We hope to get better and better all the time, and appreciate every one of you. ♥

August 2016 CuteBox


August’s CuteBox this month was our first one with a theme! This month, our theme is: Kawaii Animals!


Two Japanese candies again this month! A simple DIY kit and some green apple Hi-chew!

This DIY kit is mochi (rice cake) with chocolate sauce and a matcha (green tea) powder to put on top. This DIY kit is very simple, all you do is put chocolate sauce in one small spot, matcha powder in the other, and the dried Mochi in the largest section of the included tray. From there, you sprinkle water over the mochi until they get bigger and sticky. You then dip pieces in chocolate and then the matcha powder. 🙂

Hi-chew is a taffy/starburst type of candy. These are a green apple flavor, they’re green on the outside with a white inner part.


This months pen has a dual function! Cute animal faces on a large face make these pens also an Uchiwa! (Japanese style fan) as well as an ink pen with blue ink.

The bunny plush this month comes in one if five fruits types. They come with a suction cup on a ball chain, you can hang them in your car, on a window inside, or on a mirror. Strawberry, Watermelon, Kiwi, Lemon and Orange are the fruits represented by the bunnies. Which did you get?


A Rilakkuma or Korilakkuma keychain comes to you this month, along with a hair tie with bunny ears and a cute handmade pastel beaded bracelet. My oldest daughter loves the pastel lolita/kawaii look from Japan, and she wears one of these on each wrist.


This kawaii plush panda pouch wears a cute red bow! The black with white spotted socks were a perfect match to go along with her. What a kawaii pair!


From Iwako comes this months cute stickers, styled after their puffer fish erasers! An Iwako Unicorn eraser is also included. These erasers are cute, fun and functional. You can take them apart into various pieces, and use them for erasing of course. Or just keep them because they’re cute! Kawaii erasers are often collected and not just used for erasing.

A Rilakkuma mini notebook in various colors and a small decorative Hello Kitty pin finish up the cuteness of this month.

We hope you enjoyed August’s CuteBox!

July 2016 CuteBox


Yay July! This month we have a special Hello Kitty plush and TWO Japanese treats!

Our items this month are…


Plush Bird Pen – These adorable pens have a cute little plush bird on top. (Various colors)

Hello Kitty Plush – These adorable TY licensed plush come in various styles. This pictured one features Hello Kitty with cotton candy and wearing a pink/yellow/blue striped outfit.


Shaka Shaka Gummy – These gummy gems come in Cola, Grape, Lemon and Cider flavors. Inside the resealable package is a pouch of sour powder. You can take the powder, pour it on the candies, close it up, shake it and then enjoy! Since it’s resealable you don’t have to eat them in one go. Yay!

Chocolate Banana DIY Kit – This one doesn’t require a video. You put the banana candy in the largest section of the tray, chocolate sauce in another, and sprinkles in the last one. Take the included toothpick and put on a banana candy, then dip it in chocolate and lastly sprinkles. From there you enjoy! Emiko’s (Aka Emi, our mascot!) artist loves these!



Kitty Post Cards – I love snail mail that isn’t just junk or bills. Don’t you? You can either keep these adorable cat postcards or you can mail someone a cute little note!


Gudetama Stickers – This package of Gudetama ‘flake’ stickers are adorable and great for decorating whatever you’d like to put this cute lazy egg yolk on!

Molang Sticky Notes – Cute sticky notes with the adorable bunny Molang! I love how chubby this bunny is, and the cupcake is also a small sticky note stack!

Pink/Black/Silver Nail Art Wheel – A little more sophisticated but still cute for nail art, not the same as last months little Korean set. But still adorable. Pink/Black/Silver is a color combo we love!


Flower Headband – This cute little flower headband will keep you cute and lovely as you enjoy the rest of these hot summer days. (Various colors)

Kawaii Adjustable Rings – Two adorable adjustable rings are great for kids or just if you want something adorable to wear from time to time. I wont say my age, but I enjoy them too! 😉

Yellow Emoji Mini Squishies – These adorable little emoji squishy notes are fun to squish and nice to look at. This one says “dara dara” which translates to “lazily” as you can see this little squishy is super relaxed and lazing about!


Cake Eraser Set – A special four piece set of cake erasers! They come in a cute bakery style box to complete the fantastic kawaii feel of the set!


We hope you enjoyed this months CuteBox and hope to see you next month too! :3