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The CuteBox – 2017 Changes

  Welcome to a New Year!

It’s 2017 and we need to announce that we are needing to make some changes to The CuteBox.

1.) The first of these changes is a price increase. Due to the significant increase in shipping prices to get products to us, as well as boxes to you. We’re raising our prices $1.50 each plan across the board.

HOWEVER – We want you to know that all current subscribers (that is, subscribers who signed up on or before January 22nd 2017 – will not face a price increase. You are grandfathered in at your previous plans rate.

This new rate will apply to new subscribers and single box purchases only.

2.) The second change will not be taking place until the March 2017 box. In which we have exciting news! Starting March’s box, a DIY candy kit from Japan will be included in every box.

Please be aware that DIY candy kits range from easy to hard, to drink types, bento kits, mini cake type products, etc. We hope that you’ll be excited for the monthly DIY candy.


We are happy to have you as part of The CuteBox family, and look forward to a super kawaii, happy 2017!

December 2016

December’s box marks our 12th ever box! When I started The CuteBox I wondered if it would make it to the one year mark. I’m happy to say that we did!

This month we had a total of 10 kawaii items!

We had Sanrio characters join us this month!

1.) Hello Kitty Plush – A reindeer and festively dressed Hello Kitty TY plush to celebrate the winter holidays.

2.) My Melody puzzle – This 40 piece puzzle direct from Japan features the super kawaii My Melody!

3.) Pocky Demitasse – A premium extra-rich chocolate Pocky.

4.) Panda or Penguin Erasers – 5 erasers in a plastic box in either panda or penguin shapes!

5.) Sushi Strap (variety) – What piece of sushi did you get? Pictured above is Kisa’s favorite, Tamago Nigiri!

6.) Pokemon Bag (variety) – A variety of Pokemon are featured on these drawstring bags from Japan. What Pokemon did you get?

7.) Stickers (two different types) – some boxes came with 3D panda stickers with beads inside, some came with Rilakkuma stickers from Korea. 

8.) Bon Bon Ribbon Coloring Mini-book and colored pencils – This kawaii little Bon Bon ribbon is a great way to relax as you unwind from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Bon Bon Ribbon is just adorable, don’t you think?

9.) Magical Girl Wand Pen (variety) – There were a few different types of this pen, which did you get? One of our customers really loves the fun pens we feature, this was by far her favorite!

10) Rilakkuma Stamp (variety – in first pic) – A fun little grab bag stamp featuring Rilakkuma! A very popular bear from Sanrio! Rilakkuma name is a mash up between Relax and Bear. Rilak = relax and Kuma = Bear!


We look forward to sending more kawaiiness your way! Next month will feature some Moomin items!

September’s CuteBox

September’s CuteBox theme was: Foodie!septembercutebox

Our items this month are:

♥Iwako Food Erasers x2 – Variety
I love cute Iwako Erasers, as you are sure to tell. They come in all sorts of fun shapes.

♥Ice Cream Cone Pen
♥Ice Cream Cone Squishy
It may be getting very cold up north here, but ice cream stays one of my favorite treats year round. Our mornings are super cold, some near freezing temperatures, but right now we tend to get in the low 70’s at the warmest in the day. Are you ready for fall? We’re ready for Halloween!

♥Iwako Bakery Gel Stickers
♥Gudetama Sticky Memo Notes
Baked goods are my favorite, and I prefer baking to cooking any day. Cookies, cakes, and baklava are my favorite treats to make. Do you like to bake?

Gudetama is back in these adorable sticky notes! Which type did you get? I write myself a lot of little notes so I don’t forget things. Do you?
♥Marukawa Bubble Gum – Strawberry and Orange
♥Morinaga Chocoball  
♥Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ Ramen DIY 
What would a foodie box be without a good assortment of goodies? Marukawa bubble gum in the little boxes was one of the first Japanese candies I ever tried when I was younger. The kids like them too!

I only tried Chocoball a couple of months ago, and when I did I fell in love! Please be aware not to eat these if you are allergic to peanuts, as they do contain them. If not, we think these are better than any other chocolate peanut type candy we’ve ever had!

This DIY kit from Kracie may look like Ramen with a side of Gyoza (dumplings), but don’t worry, you’re getting candy flavors despite the ‘normal food’ type appearance! The inside of the Gyoza is sprinkles!


♥Chocolate Cookie Mirror Compact with Cream Comb
♥Cherry Earrings
♥Handmade Decowhip Necklace

The adorable chocolate sandwich cookie compact mirror features a comb styled to look like the cream filing in it! These came in a dark and a medium brown color. Which did you get? We’ve been eyeing these for months!

Cherry is my favorite candy fruit flavor! We have a cherry tree that hangs partly into our yard, and we’re allowed to pick the ones on our side. :3 These cute cherry earrings are sure to cute up your outfit and put a little bit of the sweetness of summer into your day no matter what the weather!

Finally, the handmade Deco whip necklaces were custom made just for The CuteBox this month! There are many colors, and we hope you’ll like them! Decoden is loved by many, with phone cases, music boxes, jewelry boxes, and jewelry of all sorts popping up all the time. So many truly adorable, and delicious looking items!

We hope you enjoyed this months CuteBox! Stay tuned for our special Cute and Creepy Halloween box for October!