March 2017

Thank you all so much for your patience and I apologize again for the 2 day delay in getting March’s CuteBox shipped. We’re working hard to make sure this never ever happens again. We’ve done the box for 15 months now, and this is a first for us.

This month we had 12 super kawaii items! Including our start of monthly DIY candy in the box. :3

  • Maruta Nericcho Soft Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Maruta Nericcho Soft Cider Ice Cream

These two little DIY candy kits are fun and easy! Just add 10cc of water to the included plastic container, add in the candy package (please set the cones aside) and mix them together! You’ll get a fun Cider/Soda or Strawberry foam that you then put into the cones and enjoy! They’re a silly tangy little foam and a great intro to DIY candy.

  • Nyanpire Character Mini Plush – These cute little characters from the comic/show Nyanpire are a little bit adorable, and a little bit spooky. Maybe? What do you think of these cuties?
  • Goma-chan Gachapon Egg – From the anime Shonen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan comes these adorable plastic egg gachapon that include a little Goma-chan (that’s the cute little white seal) strap!
  • Shiny Pikanyan – These little squishy kitties will flash lights when you press the button in the back of their head. If flashing lights aren’t your thing, that’s okay, they’re cute just on their own sitting on a shelf with your other adorable figures. These little kitties float in water too!

  • Hello Kitty Coloring Set –  A mini dessert themed Hello Kitty coloring book with a 5 piece color pencil set.
  • Sumikko Gurashi Card with Stickers – Sumikko Gurashi came again to The CuteBox! These adorable shy “things in the corner” have brought you a little card, a sheet of stickers, and a piece of gum!
  • Kawaii Fashion Bracelet – An Adorable beaded bracelet from Japan. Assorted ones were sent, which did you get?
  • Fruit Erasers – Presented in an adorable package that looks like a jam jar, various fruits were sent! Pictured above are blueberries!
  • Disney Tsum Tsum Mirror – Our first ever Tsum Tsum item! This adorable little mirror will make a kawaii addition to your purse or backpack.
  • Sumikko Gurashi Finger Puppet Figure with Display Box – Now you have your own little Sumikko Gurashi figure to sit on your shelf! Follow the instructions to fold the little included box and let your sweet corner thing kawaii-ify your shelf.
  • Gudetama magenet – Sanrio’s lazy egg is back again in an adorable little magnet to add some kawaii to your kitchen.


Thank you so much for being a part of The CuteBox family!

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