July 2017 CuteBox

Our July 2017 box had 10 items and we celebrated our owners first convention in 14 years. Do you like to cosplay? Dressing up isn’t only for Halloween. It can be lots of fun no matter what time of year it is. Conventions let fans of all sorts of things meet up and enjoy a weekend (or many days even) together in their shared fandom’s.

Here are our items this month..1.) Kitty Ears – Cosplay a cute Neko-jin with these adorable kitty ears. They came in black, white, pink, and grey! Which color did you get? They all have a little bow and bell on each ear.

2.) Pink Bow Choker – By Toxic Moon – Add to your Neko-jin (cat person) cosplay with this adorable handmade choker made just for The CuteBox! Or of course you can always wear the choker whenever you want. One of your subscribers says she’s wears it all the time now!

3.) Cute Puffy Stickers – Stickers are so much fun, and they’re even better when they’re cute and 3D like the adorable puffy stickers we had this month. Did you decorate something special to give it some cuteness?

4.) Takoyaki and Odango DIY Candy Kit – This kit allows you to make candy that is shaped like some traditional Japanese treats! You’ll make Takoyaki (the fish shaped one), Odango (the dumplings on a stick), Mochi (the one with the gel center) and a fuzzy blue drink!


5.) Harajuku Style Diamond Pin – Decorate your bag or purse and get some Harajuku inspired style with this adorable little pin. Of course, it’s cute on it’s own even without street fashion being a deciding factor.

6.) Pre-Cure Deco Tape – Deco-tape and washi tape can help take your planner or notes to the next level! This is special Pretty Cure (pre-cure) tape that came with a small piece of candy.

7.) Banana Mini-plush – Hang some cuteness in your car, on your purse, or save them for your Christmas tree! Whatever you want to do, little charms are great for bringing some cuteness without taking up too much space.

8.) Hello Kitty and Friends Playing Cards – These adorable playing cards are from Japan, and are slightly smaller than standard deck of playing cards here in the USA. Still these official Sanrio cards are too cute and fun to play with. What have you played with the cards?

9.) Animal pen with tiny ruler – Okay, so maybe the little ruler doesn’t help with much unless your measuring small things, but that actually makes it perfect for some math assignments where you’re trying to make perfect lines on those little graphs. The little animal clip and the smooth gel make it a good pen to keep around.

10.) Rika (Licca) Origami Paper – Licca-chan (Rika-chan) is a Japanese character that is as popular there as Barbie is here in the states. She has a back story and lots of products and is very cute. Did you make any fun origami this month? Tag us on social media with #thecutebox as we’d love to see your creations!

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