May 2017

May’s CuteBox came with 10 super cute items. The box was super full of cuteness and treats! You can see a video of how to do the DIY kit at the bottom of the post.The CuteBox May 2017

We were excited to be able to bring another super cute Sumikko Gurashi item to the box this month. Let’s look at everything that came in The CuteBox for May 2017…
The CuteBox - May 2017

1.) Uchiwa Pen – This pen has a dual purpose, it’s shaped like a Japanese style fan called an Uchiwa! You can write with some cuteness, and also use it to keep you cool as the weather starts to get warmer. Whew! We’re up here in Northern Idaho but it’s already starting to get hot!

2.) USAGIRIBON Headband – Usagi is the Japanese word for Rabbit/Bunny, and the little bow situated on top of this headband is supposed to mimic bunny ears!The CuteBox - May 2017

3.) Iwako Eraser – Iwako erasers are able to be pulled into small pieces, but are fun to collect and great to use! These erasers use high quality Japanese rubber and work super well. I mostly just collect them though.

4.) Nebaaru-Kun Mascot – Nebaaru-kun is the unofficial mascot of the Japanese food natto. A fermented soybean dish that some love, but some hate. Have you ever tried it? Nebaaru-kun says “Neba Neba!”

5.) Hello Kitty Matcha & Gudetama White Chocolate Candies – These little candies are cutely designed to look like Hello Kitty (Matcha/Green Tea flavor) or Gudetama (white chocolate), do you have a favorite?

6.) Rilakkuma Stickers – There are 50 total stickers in this line, and each pack comes with 5 stickers. What stickers did you get?
The CuteBox - May 2017

♥ Kumamon!

7.) Tirol and Momon Stationery Set – Paper, envelopes and stickers! Take your letter writing to the next letter with this adorable letter set.

8.) Kumamon Wash Cloth – Wash yourself with cuteness with Kumamon – the mascot of the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan. He was created in 2010 to draw tourists to the area. I love his happy face and red cheeks!The CuteBox - May 2017

9.) Sumikko Gurashi Playset – There are 6 different rooms and figures available in this Sumikko Gurashi line, and they all connect to make an adorable house for the mascots to live. Each CuteBox contained one 1 of 6 possible rooms and figures. Which adorable Sumikko Gurashi character did you get?

10.) Parfait Neru Neru Nerune – This DIY kit is Neru Neru Nerune takin go the next level. Instead of fruit candy or sprinkles, you get a coated crispy topping, chocolate sauce and little wafers to enjoy this treat with. The kit only needs you to use a little bit of water and you’re ready to go!

If the instructions on the back of the package aren’t easy to follow for you, you can check out this video to help you through the process of creating a yummy treat!

Thank you so much for being part of the CuteBox family! We hope you enjoyed May’s box. ♥

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8 thoughts on “May 2017

    1. A bit of these you might be able to find other places in the US, but we buy them straight from Japan. ♥

  1. I’m always so jealous when I see these as I live in the UK and we can’t get them here :'( It looks like an awesome box 🙂

    Louise x

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