October 2017

Happy Halloween!

This month two of our items were so big we needed to get bigger boxes. Woah! We hope you enjoyed our Halloween box and  the Yo-Kai Watch items.









1.) Yo-Kai Watch Figures – These fun characters are from the popular Anime Yo-kai watch! Yokai are “strange and supernatural” creatures from Japanese Folklore. They seemed just perfect for Halloween. These figures each come with stickers for different expressions.








2.) “Halloween Party” Japanese Toilet Paper – A little kooky, but still cute! This Trick or Treat toilet paper from Japan will give your bathroom a little touch of fun Halloween cuteness.

3.) Yo-kai Watch Mini-Plush – These little plush double as a cellphone/tablet screen cleaner, just use their flat bottom to get smudges off your screen. Which strange supernatural Yo-kai Watch character did you get?

4.) Creepy Cute Pastel Goth Necklace – Featuring various colored moons with chunky star glitter, and pastel glitter bats. These will give you a touch of Halloween or just Pastel Goth/Creepy Cute style even if it’s not Halloween. These are from the Etsy Shop Magicalish.

5.) Kiki’s Delivery Service Gigi Toothbrush – Don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating all those sweet treats this Halloween! Gigi – the black cat owned by Kiki (the witch from the anime Kiki’s Delivery Service) will help you keep your teeth nice and clean.

Just for fun – These Halloween nail art decals are just for a fun little touch to celebrate the holiday. They’re not intended to count as a 6th item, we just thought they were fun and cute. These decals need cut out carefully, put in water so the decal separates from the paper backing, and then added on top of your nail. A clear top-coat will keep them on your nails for a little touch of Halloween fun for your hands.

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