September 2017

In September’s CuteBox we had Sailor Moon items for the very first time! We also had Hoppe-chan for the first time as well.

We were excited to locate items for these characters and provide them this month. Sailor Moon is one of my favorite anime that I used to watch before school as a child. Hoppe-chan is just adorable and their cute jeweled cheeks are precious. Here were our items for September 2017.

1.) Sailor Moon Necklace – These necklaces had a variety of designs and different colors for each design too. They came with some Japanese pellet candy flavored like Ramune.

2.) Sailor Moon Moon Kingdom Mirror – These Gashapon Sailor Moon mirrors from came in six different designs. Each has a little jewel and represent some part of Sailor Moon’s original Moon Kingdom.

3.) Hoppe-Chan Card Case – Hold your bus pass, word badge, student ID or whatever else you’d like to hold on to that would fit. Featuring Hoppe-chan (also known as Cheeks Chan) a popular character from Sun Hoseki in Japan.

4.) Sumikko Gurashi page markers – Need to remember your spot in that text book? Use these adorable Sumikko Gurashi place markers.

5.) Rilakkuma Stickers – Sweet designed kiss cut stickers featuring Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma.

6.) mi mu ru Blossom – The adorable mi mu ru mushrooms paid our box a visit from Canada! This month we got Blossom, and her adorable little flowers give us a nostalgic feeling of summer.

7.) Gudetama Yo-yo – This fun plastic Gudetama Yo-yo is great for practicing some awesome tricks. Or just learning how to use a Yo-yo in the first place.

8.) Milk Look Correction Tape – Four flavors of milk were represented in this correction tape. Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and White milk. Who says fixing those mistakes need to not be cute? Make everything cute!

9.) Kitty Pen – A gel pen with a cute kitty on the cap. We wont be doing pens much anymore based on feedback, so our love of cats seemed like a good way to end things off.

10.) Soft Sucker DIY candy – This DIY candy is simple enough that my 4 year old can use it. Granted it’s a little messy when she does, but it’s still fun and tastes good. My favorite part is that the yellow is lemon and not banana flavored. There are two different little shapes in each soft sucker mold, and various animals.

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