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August 2017

Summer is ending, but we can still have some fun as school starts out and the weather gets colder… Right?

Here are our 10 items from August 2017!

We don’t do Tsum Tsum often, but we liked these items and thought they’d be enjoyable. The bag is big enough to carry lunch in, or PE clothes/shoes. What do you use your Tsum Tsum bag for?

1.) Tsum Tsum bag – Carry some goodies to/from school/work with this adorable Tsum Tsum bag from Japan. This adorable take on Disney characters is just too cute to pass up.

2.) Tsum Tsum cup – This cup makes a perfect bathroom cup for when you’re brushing your teeth, or a great cup to have milk in to dip cookies. What will you use it for? Please remember it is best hand washed only.

3.) Sumikko Gurashi Playset vol.3 – More Sumikko Gurashi characters and connectable rooms?! Yes please! These adorable rooms connect together and will even connect to the room you got from Vol2. Did you get new characters this time?

4.) Cookie Flashlight Keyring – Hook this to your keys and never had to try and juggle all your items, your phone and your keys again. Or have it on your package to have some extra light to dig in for that pencil you can’t find. 😉

5.) Nebaaru-Kun Squish – If you squish this adorable natto mascot, a little soy bean will pop out! So cute and great to squish to release some stress while staring down that mountain of homework.

6.) Cookie Stacking Game – Stack cookies against a friend and see who wins. Includes little tongs and cookies to play with. How high can you stack them before they tumble?

7.) Animal Face Notebook – Keep some notes, or doodle during lectures in this cute little notebook. Perfect for writing down your email address or number for a friend, or passing notes if you’re a little more old school.

8.) Pretty Cure Strawberry Milkshake – This is literally a simple DIY that involves milk (up to the little heart on the cup), an ice cube, and the little packet included in the DIY. You put on the lid, shake everything up, and tada! Milkshake! Keeping the little cups in this DIY kit is one of the best parts for us!

9.) My Melody Socks – I .. forgot to get these in the picture! Oops! An adorable pair of My Melody socks meant to fits adults was included this month too!

10.) mi mu ru – sweetcheeks – mi mu ru (always written in lowercase, and pronounced “my moo roo”) are adorable little mushroom collectibles from Canada! They’re super cute and made their debut in The CuteBox this month!

April 2016's CuteBox

It seems that doing a post for the months items works over well. So we’ve decided to keep doing this to save paper and help the environment. ^_^


This month the top of The CuteBox is decorated with Rilakkuma stickers left over from January 2016’s boxes! So cute. 🙂

This is our 4th CuteBox!


This month’s items are:

  • Totoro Pencil Pouch
  • Totoro Pen
  • Handmade Totoro Plush
  • 2 – Rilakkuma Sticky Note Pads
  • 4 – Eiwa Hello Kitty Marshmallows with Chocolate Filling
  • Lotte – Choco Pie
  • Sticker Sheet – Either Owls or Giraffe
  • 4 – Decorative Tapes
  • Hand Mirror
  • Owl Pencil Sharpener
  • Hello Kitty Candy/Ice mold.

This month we took a break from something you could wear. Don’t worry, we’ll be back with that soon. 🙂

My 2 1/2 year old loves the Eiwa Hello Kitty Mashmallows with the Matcha (green tea) filling and these chocolate ones. So in honor of her we included some this month. She was so thrilled with that “It’s kitty Marshamallow!”  This month, she helped with the box by handing my labels as they got out of the printer and by handing me packets of stickers to decorate the tops of boxes with. It’s one of her favorite things to do.

Lotte Choco Pies are deliciously soft, and the chocolate isn’t too overbearing. They’re a favorite here at our house.

The Hello Kitty Candy/Ice mold (the pink thing at the bottom of the picture) was highly requested after showing it on Instagram. So here it is! ^_^

As it’s starting to warm up, I wont be able to safely send out anything that’s easily meltable, so for the spring, summer and part of the fall all treats will be DIY kits or candy that wont have problems with the heat. ^_^


Thank you so much for being a part of The CuteBox! We look forward to next month and sending more cuteness your way! ♥