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May 2016 CuteBox


Happy May! This months box is a fair bit Rilakkuma heavy. This month we have two Japanese treats for you as well!

Items this month are:

  • Fold-up Stationery Box (comes flat, but very easy to push into the box shape.)
  • Rilakkuma Bandages
  • Four Rilakkuma card style stickers. They’re thicker like a credit card, but are still stickers! :3
  • Rilakkuma Multi-colored Pen
  • Star and gem bracelet
  • Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma bells – phone/key chain straps.
  • Sticker Gems to decorate something and make it shiny!
  • Bunny key top cover. Never forget which of those random silver keys is your house door when you put this cute bunny on the key!
  • Neru Neru Nerune DIY – Cider Flavor
  • Jyu-C Strawberry Shortcake Candy.

Neru Neru Nerune – is a little DIY kit that makes a special cream (cider flavored for this one) that you then use the spoon and dip it into the candy pieces and enjoy. The instructions on the packaging are in Japanese but are easy to follow with the included pictures. You only need one scoop full of water for this.

You can also watch this video to help you out. :3


This month, we celebrated my 3rd daughters 10th birthday! So one of the treats is a festive looking Strawberry Shortcake Candy. The package even shows candles on the cake. :3 They’re little candy tablets that have a lovely sweet and milky flavor that melts quickly. It’s a little like (American) Smarties, but with a unique Strawberry Shortcake flavor!