Updates: Some CuteBox Changes

Hi everyone! It has been a bit since our survey wrapped up and we sent our prizes to our winners, still, we’re sure people are wondering what has come from the results of the questions.

We weren’t sure what to do with the data from out survey really, as it caused us to question a lot of what we’ve been doing that hasn’t been working this year.

As you know, since March of this year we’ve been doing DIY candy in every box. One of the questions on the survey was if we should keep doing so.
60% of you said yes, 40% either didn’t care or wanted the DIY candy gone.

DIY candy used to be an occassional thing here in The CuteBox, and we think that worked out better for us. So, while DIY candy will not be an every month thing, we will have it from time to time like we used to.

We also asked if people would like cute Amuse/other kawaii Japanese plush in the box if we did remove candy.
93% said yes, and 7% said no they did not.

Since we’re moving away from monthly DIY candy, we will be doing kawaii or other fun plush in it’s place on the months we don’t have a DIY candy. We will likely end up with plush more often than DIY candy. This change will start in October. We are currently looking at cute Halloween plush, though we are open to possibly not Halloween themed plush. We’ll make our final decisions in that within the next week or so.

The last most important question was do we keep 10 items, or go with 5?
60% said to stay at 10, and 40% said to go down to 5 items.

For this we’ve decided to go to 5-7 items, this is because…

Of those that responded about what items and liked, and what items they didn’t like, we ended up getting a fair few people who didn’t like the little somewhat lower priced items. Since our box cost is lower, at least compared to something like YumeTwins ($35) and Doki Doki ($30) we feel this is the best item quantity to have and improve what we give to make people happy. More so considering the price of some of the items we do get currently causing the need to ‘small filler’ to make up 10 items without going severely over budget and/or running out of box space.

This also may mean our box size (as in the physical packaging) might increase as well. We’re still a smaller company, and going DIY candy every month really hurt our growth and subscriber count. So we’re hoping making them an occasional item again will show us the results we saw in 2016.

What will this mean for subscribers on previous pay plans, will our prices change?

Anyone with the previous $18 and $19 pay plans will continue to have them until January 2018. We know this isn’t probably the happiest news for you, but we will be moving those on the lower pay plans to a new plan. Since you have been with  us so long though, we will be moving you to a plan that is $22 for monthly subscribers, $20 monthly for 3 month subscribers ($60 every 3 months) or $19 a month for 6 month subscribers ($114 every 6 months). This is less than the current new subscriber price, but allows us to be able to afford bigger and better things while still not jumping our longest subscribers up by $5-6. We hope you understand our position.

Thank you so much for being a part of The CuteBox family. We hope that things improve and people will be happy with the changes. Let’s make the end of 2017 great together and have a fantastic 2018!

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